Sit-Stand Desks For Better Health

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Sit-Stand Desks For Better Health

Smart Investments In Your Health Gives You The Best Returns!




ERGOLITE Sit-Stand Desk now $728 (UP: $1028)

ERGODESk Sit-Stand Desk from $878 (UP: $1088)

+ Free Delivery & Assembly (worth $80)

+ 5 Years Warranty on Desk Frame and Motor

+ 2 Years Warranty on Height Adjustment Control Panel



| Stable Transition |

| Low Noise Emission |

| Sturdy Table Frame |

| Anti-Collision Feature |*


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*Available only for ERGODESK (click video below to see demo)

Offitek’s Ergo Series Sit-Stand Desks

Offitek is proud to offer our Ergo Series Sit-Stand Desks: ErgoDesk and ErgoLITE at promotional prices!


ErgoDesk (Usual: $1088, Promotional Price: $878)Height adjustable table dual motor anti collisio ErgoDesk

This is a dual motor design that come with 3 pre-sets for preferred height and sit-stand reminders. Stable and quiet during transitions, the noise produced during height adjustments is less than 50 decibels. It is also endowed with an anti-collision feature, stopping height-adjustments when there is an obstacle in the way. Now, we can all say goodbye to bruised knees, elbows and even heads!

ErgoDesk comes in 3 sizes of 1200mm(w), 1500mm(w) and 1800mm(w). There are 4 colour options of white, grey, dark wood and light wood for table tops, and 3 colour options of white, black and grey for table chassis made from cold-rolled steel.

Click here for ErgoDesk product page.


ErgoLITE (Usual: $1028, Promotional Price: $728)Height adjustable table dual motor ErgoDesk

ErgoLITE is a single motor design that offers an uncomplicated 2-button operation. Stable and quiet during height-adjustments, the noise level recorded is less than 50 decibels.

ErgoLITE also comes in 3 sizes of 1200mm(w), 1500mm(w) and 1800mm(w). There are 4 colour options of white, grey, dark wood and light wood for table tops, and 3 colour options of white, black and grey for table chassis made from cold-rolled steel.

Click here for ErgoLITE product page.


The Sitting Disease

Prolonged sitting has been extensively associated with undesirable side effects – from weight gain to serious metabolic issues. Standing, on the other hand, appears to promote better health and combat negative effects of prolonged sitting. And the good news is, we no longer have to be held hostage by traditional furniture with the gradual popularization of sit-stand desks.


height adjustable table white colour ergolite

What is a sit-stand desk?

Sit-stand desk, standing desk, adjustable tables. These are words that we are increasingly familiar with.

A sit-stand desk is essentially one that is adjustable in height, according to an individual’s preference. It presents an alternative to the traditional work desk which has a fixed height, commonly between 26 and 30 inches. The sit-stand desk’s near cousin, the standing desk, has a long history that can be traced back all the way to 1400s.

The well-known Leonardo Da Vinci reportedly created some of his masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa at his standing desk. Some other prominent historical figures that used standing desks included founding fathers of United States, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, as well as the famous British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and well-loved author, Charles Dickens.


Modern Day Dilemma

Fast forward to the working world of today, many are chained to their desk and chairs for hours on end due to work. Apart from the far and few in between toilet and water breaks, movement is very limited. Some even have their meals right there at the work desk. They continue with their work once they are done eating, even further reducing movement. This lack of physical activity has some serious impact on the body:

measuring waistlineProlonged Sitting Causes Weight Gain

Lipase is an enzyme in our bodies that helps to break down fat in our food. Lipase is released and activated when there is physical movement. Therefore, when we sit down for long periods of time, we basically turn off our fat burning engine which in turn contributes to weight gain.

It Gives You Back Ache

Despite seemingly more relaxing, sitting down actually places 300% more pressure on the spinal discs compared to standing up! And if you aren’t sitting in an upright posture (in other words, slouching), our vertebrae’s health can be harmed in as little as 20 minutes!
Chest pain

Prolonged Sitting Increases Risk of Heart Diseases, Diabetes and Stroke

Long hours of sitting is linked to higher risks of cardiovascular issues, diabetes and stroke. One possible explanation for increased risk of getting diabetes according to Harvard Health Publishing is that sitting down relaxes our largest muscles, and that results in the muscles taking up very little glucose from the blood, therefore raising the danger of developing type 2 diabetes.

Sitting for Extended Periods of Time Wipes Out Exercise Efforts

It was common to think that running or clocking in at the gym for that one hour a day would have sufficed. It turns out that if we sat around for the rest of the day, our effort during that hour would have been wiped out! Ouch! Monitoring your heart rate is important.

You Run Risk of Getting Varicose Veins

This is because sitting for long hours causes blood to pool in the legs, which adds pressure to the veins, causing them to swell, bulge or twist. Although they aren’t usually serious, they can be quite unsightly and in some cases painful.


Stand For Health

Standing up is generally thought to be better for health as opposed to sitting down. Practically speaking, it is also one viable alternative posture to adopt to get any decent work done! Let’s see how alternating sitting and standing will help with our body:

Standing Combats Obesity

Standing requires more energy than sitting down, and therefore burns more calories. Puncturing long period of sitting down with 30 to 45 minutes of standing up may assist in combating obesity.

Standing May Help Reduce Blood Sugar Level

A small study involving 10 individuals showed that standing for 180 minutes after food reduced blood sugar spike by 43%, therefore standing up may help individuals with type 2 diabetes

May Help Reduce Risk of Developing Heart Disease and Consequently Increase Life Expectancy

A study on bus conductors and bus drivers showed that bus drivers have double the risk of heart disease-related death, therefore standing up is thought to reduce risk of developing heart issues, thus increasing life expectancy.

Helps Reduce Back Pain Related To Prolonged Sitting

Studies among employees who suffered long term back pain from prolonged sitting reported improvement in their condition after switching to standing and sit-stand desks.

Improve Mood And Stress Levels

Employees who participated in a 7-week study involving sit-stand desks also reported better energy levels and moods after making the switch.


Take Back the Controlergonomic sitting position

While the sit-stand desk is not a magic pill to resolve obesity or metabolic issues, it certainly empowers workers to reassert their control over their level of physical activity and posture. Used correctly, workers will be able to introduce healthy intervals of standing into their work day.

The recommended ratio is 45 minutes of standing to every hour of sitting down. Posture is of utmost importance here, so when standing, ensure that:

  • your elbows rest on the table top at 90-degrees as they would when you’re seated
  • the monitor is placed between your eye level and approximately 35 degrees below
  • you do not need to reach for the keyboard or mouse in awkward fashion






Height adjustable table dual motor ErgoDeskTips on Choosing Your Sit-Stand Desk

Because the sit-stand desk will cost more, here are some things you’ll want to consider when making your purchase:

Sit-Stand Reminder. This is one awesome feature because you will be able to preset the length of time you want to spend sitting or standing, and not have to keep one eye on the clock.

Anti-collision Feature. If you are working from home with little toddlers who love playing hide-and-seek under tables, this feature will be a godsend!

Stable and Quiet Transition. Stable and quiet transitions will definitely enhance your work day, so request to test the display set to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

Chassis Material. Check if the chassis is made of cold-rolled steel which is more durable with better aesthetics.



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