ErgoDesk Height-Adjustable Table

Height adjustable table dual motor black table top black table legs ErgoDesk
Height adjustable table dual motor ErgoDeskHeight adjustable table dual motor ErgoDeskHeight adjustable table dual motor ErgoDeskHeight Adjustable Table Table Top Colours ErgoLITEHeight Adjustable Table Chassis ErgoLITE

ErgoDesk Height-Adjustable Table

Many have questioned if height-adjustable tables are worth investing in. Well, while they aren’t a magic pill to obesity- or posture-related issues, it can be one of the most useful tools in keeping your body healthier! It is no secret that prolonged sitting is closely linked with obesity and metabolic disorders. A study made on bus conductors and bus drivers revealed that the drivers who spend a lot more time sitting down have double the risk of heart disease-related deaths compared to the bus conductors who stand up more.


Are You Putting Yourself at Danger?

Have you ever monitored the number of hours you spend sitting down versus standing up? Standing up is generally thought to be better for health as opposed to sitting down. This is because standing up burns more calories than sitting down, which therefore help to combat obesity, which is a major factor in many types of disease.


Weaving Standing Intervals into the Workday

No doubt, standing up to complete our tasks at our regular 700mm to 750mm high tables are probably more damaging with us having to bend over, but fret not! Because ErgoDesk Height Adjustable Table is designed to help you incorporate more standing into your day of work!


ErgoDesk Height Adjustable Table

ErgoDesk is a premium, ultra-quiet, dual-motor height adjustable table. It can adjust between heights of 580mm and 1230mm, bearing up to 125kg of load. Its Smart Control Panel allows you to pre-set your preferred table height and programme sit-stand intervals, so you do not have to keep a close watch on the clock!


A preferred choice for healthier work life, ErgoDesk works to maintain a pleasant work environment by emitting less than 50 decibels of noise during adjustments.


ErgoDesk is also designed with Anti-Collision Feature, halting height adjustment when its table-top encounters any object.


The ErgoDesk chassis is made of cold-rolled steel which is durable and sleek. The chassis comes in 3 colour selections of black, white and grey. The tabletops are also available in colours of black, white, dark wood and light wood, in 3 dimensions of 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm length.



$878 (1200mm)

$908 (1500mm)

$938 (1800mm)

**7% GST applies after additional shipping and assembly fee.



  • Dual-motor Design for Faster and Smoother Operation
  • Ultra-silent design reducing noise level
  • Anti-Collision feature prevents injuries and damages
  • Easy Maintenance feature removes need to clear work desk before maintenance work
  • Hole-less Column Legs for modern look
  • Durable and lightweight cold-rolled steel chassis
  • All-in-one Control Panel for height-adjustments and setting sit-stand reminders
  • Colour options of black, white and grey for square column table legs
  • Array of table tops for selection



  • Height: 580mm to 1230mm
  • Max Load Capacity: 125kg



  • Operating Noise Level: <50dB
  • Speed: 38mm/s
  • Power Type: 100v – 240v



  • Frame & Motor: 5 years
  • Control Panel: 2 years


Lead Time

  • 4 – 6 weeks
  • * 1 week with existing stock in Singapore


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