ErgoLITE Height-Adjustable Table

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ErgoLITE Height-Adjustable Table

Does Height Adjustable Tables Promise Cure for Obesity-Related Issues? The short answer is no.

Long Hours of Sitting has been Associated with Obesity and Metabolic Disorders.

A study made on bus conductors and bus drivers revealed that the drivers who spend a lot more time sitting down have double the risk of heart disease-related deaths compared to the bus conductors who stand up more. In a typical day of work, most of us spend anywhere from 6 to 8 hours sitting down, which, to put it mildly, is not beneficial for our health. So, the golden question is, how do we incorporate more standing into our normal day of work? Will height-adjustable tables be worth a shot?



Weave Standing Intervals Into Your Work Day with ErgoLITE Adjustable Table!

While height-adjustable tables aren’t some magic pills to obesity- or posture-related issues due to prolonged sitting, they do help to incorporate more standing into a regular work day! ErgoLITE is an ultra-quiet, single-motor adjustable table, capable of bearing up to 70kg of weight.


With an uncomplicated 2-button operation. ErgoLITE adjusts from 710mm to 1210mm in height at a speed of 25mm per second, emitting less than 50 decibels of noise level.


Its sleek cold-rolled steel chassis comes in 3 colour options of white, black and grey. Table tops are available in black, white, dark wood and light wood in 3 dimensions of 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm length.


**This is a video of live demonstration of Ergodesk (dual motor design) in our showroom, kindly note that the control panel is different from ErgoLITE’s. The purpose of this video is for viewers to preview the low sound emissions of less than 50 decibels.



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1200mm – $728 (Was: $1028)

1500mm – $758 (Was:$1058)

1800mm – $788 (Was: $1088)

** 7% GST applies after additional shipping and assembly fee.



  • Single-motor Design Stable Height-adjustments
  • Ultra-silent design reducing noise level
  • Durable and lightweight cold-rolled steel chassis
  • Simple 2 button operation
  • Option of 1200W / 1500W / 1800W Table Tops in Light Wood, Dark Wood, White and Black Colours
  • Option of White, Grey and Black Table Legs



  • Height: 710mm to 1210mm
  • Max Load Capacity: 70kg



  • Operating Noise Level: <50dB
  • Speed: 25mm/s
  • Power Type: 100v – 240v



  • Frame & Motor: 5 years
  • Control Panel : 2 years


Lead Time

  • 4 – 6 weeks
  • *1 week with existing stock