Director / Executive Desk


At OFFITEK, we have a deluxe collection of furniture that is suitable for larger, private offices. Our director tables and desks come in a wide range of styles to suit your space. Ergonomically-designed with high-quality finishes, they bring style and functionality into any workplace.


Contemporary director tables

We have a selection of desks with veneer finishing, as well as melamine tables that can be customised to suit your needs. Many of our designs are composed of solid wood while others utilise new composite technology. We have curved, straight and wrap-around styles that will suit a wide range of corporate environments. They all come with high-quality hardware accessories to ensure that your desk is sturdy and durable. Equipped with smart storage solutions, inbuilt features and adjustable components, our director tables are the ideal choice for senior management personnel.


Purchasing advice

In our professional opinion, it is best to opt for veneer finishes. This is because hardwood furniture is vulnerable to moisture and climatic changes. In turn, this leads to surface deformation and paint peeling. You can also select between solid or wood-grain colour melamine. Take your pick from our multifunctional and aesthetically-designed tables today.

At OFFITEK, we provide strict quality control to ensure that our customers are purchasing the best products on the market. All of our furniture displays a high level of craftsmanship and technique, combining functionality and style to create an ergonomic outcome.


Give us a call

To find out more about the director tables we have for sale in Singapore, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team members on (65) 6282 1655. You can also get in touch through our website or by sending an email to