Vitra’s workspace is completed using our T40 Workstations, DE Series System Furniture, Patton Director’s Desk and Apollo Conference Table.

Using half-height T40 Panels, sufficient privacy is ensured for individual tasks while maintaining a sense of openness in the main office area. Additional drawers and open shelves are also added to maximise storage space.

Vitra – T40 Workstations with open shelf and drawers












DE Series System Furniture is also used in the main office area. This sitting area uses frosted clip on desktop panels to segregate individual work space, providing a delightful contrast to the opaque panels of T40 Series.

Vitra – DE Series with frosted clip on panel and pedestal












In the meeting room, Apollo Conference Table takes the centrestage. Using high quality wood and veneer, the Apollo Conference Table is made to last.

Vitra – Apollo Meeting Table












Also made with high quality wood and veneer, a made-to-measure Patton Director’s Desk grace the Director’s Room. With built-in table-top cable box, cable management is a breeze.

Vitra – Customised Patton Director’s Desk