Office Improvement


Office Improvement

Minimisation of Physical Contact Between Co-Workers with Office A&A

Much has been written about home improvement, but since the office is where we spend almost a third of our day in, this is a space that deserves some attention.

Since the Reopening, Singapore saw part of the workforce returning to the workspace and guidelines have been put in place to safeguard the health of workers. One of the guidelines is to ensure minimised contact between co-workers, which called for some addition and alteration (A&A) work to be done in the office.

One such organisation is Alpine Motors. Alpine Motors has chosen Offitek to furnish its office with DP26 System Furniture previously, and this time round, we were engaged to install the 8MM Screen Divider.


Screen Divider Bracket

This tiny bracket is what makes this A&A job a breeze, because all there is to do is to attach this bracket to the existing system furniture panels, and then put the dividers in place.


Alpine Motors – 8MM Screen Dividers Add-on

With this A&A, the vertical height of the office panels was increased from 1200 mm to 1600 mm. Alpine Motors has installed our 8MM Screen Dividers for 12 of their workstations and all these was done in just 2 hours!

To find out how this can also be done for your workspace, call 6282 1655 or email We’ll be most glad to come alongside you to make your office a safer place for everyone!