Sneeze Guard - 8MM Acrylic Screen Dividers

sneeze guard installed on work table front view
Sneeze_guard_work_table_offitekSneeze Guard with frosted treatment installed on system furniture panel

Sneeze Guard – 8MM Acrylic Screen Dividers

A sneeze guard may look like just a simple piece of plastic but it goes a long way in helping to keep everyone in the workplace safe.


The Ministry of Manpower has rolled out Safety Management Measures requirement to ensure adequate social distancing among workers returning to their work spaces. One of the recommendations was to erect physical barriers or screen dividers between individual workstations to reduce physical contact among workers.


Offitek offers Sneeze Guards that are 8mm thick acrylic panels which can be directly installed on existing worktop or system furniture panels in between individual seats. Our divider’s 8mm thickness protects against warping in the long run and can be customised in dimension. We also offer different types of fasteners organisations can choose according to their unique needs.


Here’s a short video of how our 8mm Screen Divider Solution might work for you:


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  • Durable 8mm thick acrylic screen dividers
  • Stable installation onto table tops or existing system furniture panels
  • Selection of panel colours



  • Customisable in height and width
  • 8mm thick



  • Acrylic



2 years


Lead Time

4 – 6 weeks