Is Your Workplace Safety Management Measures-Ready?

Is Your Workplace Safety Management Measures-Ready?

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has introduced Safety Management Measures (SMM)- a series of guidelines for workplaces to adhere to before they are allowed to resume operations. Among the requirements is the need to ensure clear physical spacing through various means such as introducing dividers between work desks or relocating workstations. These reconfiguration jobs can be messy and at times, costly.

But Offitek has the cost-effective and timely solutions for you!


Slide-in Dividers between Work Desks

This is a quick and cost-effective solution. All it takes is to install our specially-designed bracket on your existing work desk, slide in your pre-ordered dividers and your office is ready! The plus point is you will be able to select from our range of acrylic panels to match your existing colour scheme. So, place your order with us now and we’ll be at your workplace in 4 weeks’ time to get it SMM-ready!




Shifting workstations around is no mean feat! So let us get the job done for you! After all, its something we’re really good at =) So, book a date with us and watch your office transform!



In the busyness of the day, we can all forget the basics of keeping a safe distance apart. So, put up reminders around your office and help everyone to keep safe!



If you wish to visit us at our showroom, do let us know in advance at 6282 1655 or Do note that you’ll be required to check in your entry with our QR code below:

It hasn’t been easy getting to where we are today, let’s not squander the progress we made as a nation away. Continue to safe safe and vigilant, and we’ll weather this storm together!