New Generation of ErgoDesk

New Generation of ErgoDesk

Work Your Way to Health

with ErgoDesk, a fully automatic height-adjustable work desk with sit-stand reminder.


We’ve heard the moans and groans of fellow workers who suffer from multiple aches due to unfriendly office furniture and so, we unveiled ErgoDesk earlier in July.

ErgoDesk is a fully automated height-adjustable work desk that come with 3 memory pre-sets, allowing its user to adjust the work desk to individual’s preferred height with just one touch.

Taking yet one step closer to health at work place, ErgoDesk also features a sit-stand reminder system, helping users to alternate between sitting and standing at healthy intervals, preventing injuries related to prolonged sitting and standing.

Our new generation of ErgoDesk comes in a cluster of 2, separated by a slim, sleek fabric panel, measuring only 28mm in thickness.

The worktops can be height adjusted independently of each other. Fitted with Dual Motor and Ultra Silent Systems, the height adjustment is stable and quiet, such that the adjoining desk is not affected when height adjustment of the other worktop is in progress.


To achieve the desired look, a variety of table tops, table leg colours and fabric are available for selection.

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