Why Choose Veneer Furniture


Why Choose Veneer Furniture

Wood Veneer Desk may not have been as  well-revered as its solid wood cousin,
however, it certainly trumps solid wood desks in valuable ways!
Let’s read on!

A wood veneer is a thin layer of natural hardwood bonded to a stable composite base material.

And wood veneer furniture has some major benefits that in our humble opinion, trump solid wood furniture!


It is an ecologically viable option

Because wood veneer is essentially a thin slice of natural hardwood, it meant that many layers of wood veneer can be derived from a single piece of solid wood, making it overall more environmentally conserving.


Opens Up Design Possibilities

Compared to a piece of solid wood, the thin layers of wood veneer can be arranged as desired, creating designs as desired.


Stable Against Weather Changes

When a layer of wood veneer is adhered to a stable composite base, it renders a more stable piece of furniture which is durable and resistant to warping or deformation due to atmospheric changes.


Why Choose Our Veneer Items?



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