5 Ways DP26 System Furniture Can Work For Your Office!

5 Ways DP26 System Furniture Can Work For Your Office!

Is your office getting ready for a makeover? Let us show you why DP26 System Furniture will top your list of choices!

#1 Easy-setup Managerial Suite

Remove the need for extensive renovation by using DP26 full height panels to set up your managerial suites. Customise the panels according to the level of privacy required by choosing from glass, fabric or metallic types of panels.

DP26 Managerial Suite

#2 Flexible Seating Configuration

Seating plans can be a tricky thing to tackle in the space-starved environment like ours. DP26 System Furniture allows flexible seating configuration to suit your needs, and any addition or alteration in future can also be done easily.

DP26 Workstation for 4

#3 Vertical Storage

Additional storage space can be achieved by pairing Dp26 Full Height Workstations with hanging shelf and cabinet, making use of vertical space.

DP26 Workstation with hanging shelf and cabinet

#4 Keeps Clutter At Bay

DP26 System Furniture has compatible organisational accessories to help give every piece of stationery its home, helping to keep the worktop free of clutter.

DP26 with hanging organisational accessories

#5 Multiple Usage

A counter-top can be installed on top of the DP26 System Furniture panel, making it a viable option should you require a reception area.

DP26 with counter top


For more ideas on getting your workspace ready, call 6282 1655 or email sales@offitek.com.sg =)