It’s a Slim Fit!


It’s a Slim Fit!

The office cubicle or workstation was birthed in 1960s and it remained relevant today because it provides workers with their individual spaces for work at a lower cost and more efficient use of space. It also accorded workers some degree of privacy and freedom to personalize their space.

Offitek’s DP 26 Series Workstation has remained popular ever since the company was established in 2003. Favored for it’s flexibility in seat configuration, it’s 26mm slim unique bullet profile lends a touch of sleekness to the space.

JJ Construction – Peck Kay Road

This cluster of 4 in dusty pink breaks the usual sitting arrangement of tables-against-the-wall. The 3/4 high panels provide enough privacy for workers to complete their individual tasks without fully blocking out communication channels given the close proximity.


JJ Construction – DP 26 Workstation


Chang Hua Construction


Chang Hua Construction – DP26 Workstation

The low-height panels maintains visual openness while clearly demarcating individual work spaces. Each work desk has wire trunking installed to the panel for cable management.


Knust SBD


Knust SBD – DP 26 Workstations

Over here, 3/4 height panels are also installed for work privacy. With its height, the panels also help to screen off noises, making the office more conducive for individual work.