Workstations with Hanging Storage


Workstations with Hanging Storage

Workstations with Hanging Storage

Remain popular for its practicality.

Work can really be sped up when you have what you need at hand. Be it stationery or documents, we know that precious time is lost when we need to hunt around for them. Not to mention the disruptive irritation that arises from failing to locate them! Here’s where hanging storage plays a mighty role! This month, we bring you 3 projects featuring T40 Workstations that incorporated hanging shelves and cabinets to maximise storage space and keep all that’s needed at an arm’s reach!

Summus Contracts (Jurong West)

This set of T40 Workstations are completed using full panels. Client chose a refreshing colour combination of green and grey with light wood worktop, mobile pedestal and hanging cabinet.

The hanging cabinet is a lockable compartment that allows for storage of sensitive documents, while the open shelves are perfect for items needed regularly. Hanging storage also keeps the work-top clutter-free. Additional storage is provided by the mobile pedestal with 3 drawers, one of which is lockable.

Hanging Shelves and Cabinets_offitek

Summus Contracts (Jurong West) – T40 Workstations with Hanging Shelves and Cabinets


Imagination Works

This set of L-shaped T-40 Workstations is completed with a combination of full panels and HOU Series table legs. L-shaped worktop offers more work surface, which is always appreciated, and the storage space is further increased with hanging shelves and cabinet, as well as mobile pedestals.

Hanging Shelves and Cabinets_workstation_offitek

Imagination Works – T40 Workstations with Hanging Shelf & Cabinet


Samlain Additional Works

We returned to do more work for this client. This project is completed using a combination of full-height and half-height panels. Client chose to have the upper portion of the panel in frosted glass, and the bottom part in fabric. Full height panels provides privacy where needed, or even hides clutter when needed!

Full Height Workstations_offitek

Samlain Additional Works – T40 Full Height Workstations

Full Height Workstations_T40_offitek

Samlain Additional Works – T40 Full Height Workstations