Eldan Law LLP Advocates & Solicitors

Eldan Law LLP Advocates & Solicitors


This week, we have completed our work with BO Series Director’s Desk, DE Series Conference Table and Customised Floor to Ceiling Cabinet for Eldan Law LLP Advocates & Solicitors.

As the industrial chic style continues to make its presence felt in both residential and commercial spaces, office furniture pieces with an industrial pieces are much sought after. Offitek offers a variety of woodgrain work tops and table legs that allow clients to create that industrial chic feel they want for their office as we see here at Eldan Law LLP.

Client has chosen BO Series Director’s Desk with woodgrain work top and modesty panel paired with white table legs. This set also comes with side return in similar woodgrain surface, increasing work top area. Our Director Desks also come with a cable box that is accessible from the table top, allowing discreet cable management and reducing clutter. Client has also chosen a woodgrain work top and white table legs for the DE Series Conference Table in the meeting area.

To maximise storage space, we have built a ceiling to floor cabinet in woodgrain surface. Customised to the client’s needs, this cabinet features open shelving on top and enclosed shelving at the bottom with glass doors.

Eldan Law LLP Advocates & Solicitors – BO Series Director’s Desk

Eldan Law LLP Advocates & Solicitors – DE Series Conference Table