Ausko Pte Ltd


Ausko Pte Ltd

System Furniture with Low-height Clipped-On Acyrlic Desktop Panels are a godsend to offices that want to afford individual employees their own work space without sacrificing visual openness of the space. The sleek-looking panels successfully demarcate individual work spaces while allowing easy communication among co-workers from where they’re sitting.

In this project feature, our client, Ausko Pte Ltd has chosen DE Series Office Furniture to furnish their office space.

In the main staff room, an 8-seater DE Series Desktop Panel System Furniture is chosen. Client has opted for black acrylic desktop panels and table legs paired white work top, giving the entire space a modern look that will stand the test of time. A 3-drawer mobile pedestal in white is also added to each work space to increase storage space.

In the executive rooms, Client has chosen DE Series Free-standing Work Desk in woodgrain work top with grey table legs and modesty panel, blending seamlessly into the overall design of the office space.


Ausko Pte Ltd – DE Series Free-standing Work Desk