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OLS Manufacturing

“Trust” is defined as firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. It is only when you trust a company that you will go back to purchase its products and engage its services.

We are very honoured to return to OLS Manufacturing’s office to furnish two more of its rooms with DE Series Office Furniture and our customised wooden cabinets.

In the main staff room, client has chosen DE Series System Furniture in an all white palette with clear acrylic desktop panel. The all-white choice is a seamless match with its existing decor and clear acrylic panels retains visual openness of the space while outlining individual work space. The customised low wooden cabinets amps up the storage space, as well as work top.

Giving a main staff room a pop of colour is the white and green customised high wooden cabinet. Each compartment comes with individual locks, ensuring the security of its contents. Made t0 measure, such cabinets fully utilises available space to maximise storage potential.

The DE Series L-shaped Director’s Desk with Back Cabinet is also given an all white treatment, which promises longevity in style.

OLS Manufacturing – DE Series System Furniture with Customised Cabinets

OLS Manufacturing – Customised Wooden Cabinet

OLS Manufacturing – DE Series L-shaped Work Desk