DP26 Series System Furniture

DP26 Series System Furniture

DP 26 Series System Furniture made its debut appearance in Singapore in 2003. Fourteen years on, there is still nothing like it.




One of Its Kind

DP 26 Series’ unique bullet-shaped profile has graced many offices in Singapore. From private corporations to government agencies, DP 26 has been delivering practical office space solution with style.


At only 26mm slim, DP 26 Series promises a sharp, streamlined look to the premises. On top of that, its panels are customisable in height, width and colours, offering unmatched flexibility in seating configurations, at affordable prices.


Let’s Play Mix ‘N’ Match!

DP 26 Series System Furniture is an intelligent office system furniture series that works to suit an organisation’s purpose, space and taste!

Want to encourage interaction among co-workers? A 1050mm high workstation fits the bill. More privacy preferred? Full height panels reaching 1800mm rise up to the expectations! The height and width of the workstation panels can even be customised in 100mm increments, ensuring a perfect fit for the space available!


DP26 Series System Furniture is also a perfect solution for complicated and sometimes, ever-changing seating arrangements. The secret lies with a small, but strong connector that holds the panels firmly in place so that different configurations can be achieved, depending on the need.


The DP26 Series System Furniture connector also makes dismantling and reorganisation of workstations a breeze while keeping costs low. This is because clients only need to add on or remove the panels, doing away with the need and cost of replacing an entire workstation.


Users are also able to achieve the desired look for their offices by opting for full fabric workstation panels, clear glass or frosted glass panels. Offitek offers premium fabric coverings of almost 50 hues, all of which are waterproof and fire-retardant.



DP26’s X Factor(s)

So what is it about DP26 that makes it our top product of all times? Apparently, it’s the whole package!

DP26 Series System Furniture has got the looks and the substance. Epoxy powder coating protects the panels against rusting, making it durable; ease of reconfiguration of seating layout allows for changes without sharply increasing the costs; and options of full fabric, clear glass or frosted glass panels allow clients to give their workspace just the look they want! And did we mention? DP26 also comes with smart organisation accessories that will go a long way in keeping the work top neat!


DP26 Series System Furniture has lived up its users’ expectations, so if you are interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to contact us 6282 1655 or sales@offitek.com.sg.

We also have more office furniture selection on our website or if you’d like to get a feel for yourself, visit us at 5042 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #01-505.